Can We Trust the Bible? Part III


If you have missed the last two blogs, we’ve been on a Christian apologetics series answering the question: can we trust the Bible? We’re using logic and reason to answer to have confidence in God’s Word and trust in the facts God has given us, rather than believe through blind faith. If you missed the first six evidences we gave, make sure to scroll down the blog and check out all the evidences we’ve covered so far! Let’s continue to Defend the Kingdom! 

Seventh evidence proving we can trust the Bible: Exposed Failures. Suppose you were to write an autobiography about yourself, and somehow you knew the entire world would read it. Are you tempted to leave out the deep dark secrets? You want to share and show off all the accomplishments and good qualities, but to shy away from the full truth of who you are - that lacks full and total honesty. The authors of the Bible absolutely did not shy away from telling the truth, even if that meant sharing the failures of their nation or (often times) personal failures. Here’s a short list of failures they authors shared all about:

  • Noah getting drunk shortly after leaving ark (Genesis 9:21).
  • Abraham lying about his wife Sarah being his sister (multiple occasions) (Genesis 12:13; 20:2).
  • Moses murdering a man in Egypt (Exodus 2:11-12), outbursts of anger, how he misrepresented God and wasn’t allowed to enter Promised Land (Numbers 20:10-12)… Moses authored both Exodus and Numbers, by the way.
  • Israel rejecting God to false idols, time and time again.
  • David’s adultery with Bathsheba and murder of her husband (2 Sam 11).
  • Peter dying Jesus, after he promised he would never do such a thing (Matt 26:33).
  • Paul confessing he was “wretched man” (Romans 7:24) and calling himself “chief” of all sinners (1 Tim 1:15).

Does this give you total evidence that the Bible is completely trustworthy? No, not necessarily. But this definitely gives us a strengthen case that the authors who wrote the Bible were open, honest, and transparent - they told the full truth even if that meant sharing some pretty bad failures. 

Eighth evidence the Bible can logically be trusted: Disciples’ Deaths. Earlier in our series, we talked about a big evidence to trust the Bible being Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled, specifically surrounding details concerning Jesus. The closest followers of Jesus recorded that all of those prophecies came true, but how do we know that they were telling the truth? Couldn’t the disciples just have made up that Jesus fulfilled those prophecies? Great question. I do not think they made up their stories about Jesus, and here’s why:

I’d argue that there are two main reasons someone would lie. One reason: to get yourself out of trouble. You did something wrong, you got caught, and because you don’t want to suffer the consequences - you lie. Another reason you may lie: personal gain. You want something or to be someone, so you fabricate stories about yourself to make significant gains in life. Lying is generally looking out for yourself, to either get yourself out of trouble or to build you up in a particular way. Seeing what the story of Jesus did for the disciples does the exact opposite for the disciples. Because of their love for Jesus, devotion to Jesus, and sharing Jesus with others, here’s a list of what happened to the disciples:

  • Matthew killed with an axe in Ethiopia
  • Mark killed by being cruelly dragged through streets of Alexandria
  • Luke hung to death in Greece
  • John tortured and banished to island of Patmos
  • James, brother of John, beheaded in Jerusalem
  • Another James thrown from top of a temple and then stoned
  • Philip hung up against a pillar and stoned
  • Bartholomew was flayed alive
  • Andrew bound to cross and left to die
  • Jude shot to death with arrows
  • Matthias was stoned and beheaded
  • Barnabas stoned to death
  • Paul, after much torture and imprisonment, beheaded in Rome
  • Thomas speared to death
  • Peter crucified upside down

The fate of their lives would lead you to believe that’s a list of some of the worst of the worst criminals. The apostles were tortured, imprisoned, and brutally killed for their faith in Jesus. It’s hard to believe they would all go that far just because they were making up stories about Jesus. This is important: just because someone is willing to die for a cause, doesn’t make that cause truth. But this gives exceptionally compelling evidence that these guys truly believed that Jesus existed, they believed He was the Messiah foretold about in the Old Testament, and they truly believed He died and rose back to life. And I believe them! 

Ninth evidence the Bible is trustworthy: Transforming Power. No other book in history has had the positive transforming power on people than what the Bible has had. This was not a book written to entertain us, but so that we can know God, have a relationship with Him, and learn how to live for Him - and that is accomplished by many who read it! There are countless amounts of hospitals and orphanages built on the foundation of God’s Word. Some of the world’s greatest universities were founded by Christians with Christian purposes in mind. Many humanitarian efforts to help those in need have been created because of the words found in God’s Word. If you consider yourself a Christian, think about the transforming power God’s Word has had in your life! I know I was once in total darkness and an immoral person, but the Gospel has totally transformed my life. It’s not just a book of myths and fairytales, but it has real power to transform lives. It has transformed countless lives over the years, and will continue to do so.