Can We Trust the Bible? Part IV


Can you trust the Bible as truth? That’s the question we’ve been looking at over the last month. We’ve seen plenty of evidence to prove we can trust the Bible, not on blind faith - but on the basis of logical reasoning, fact, science, and historical evidences. Among all the evidence we have looked at up to this point, we have one more to conclude:

The tenth evidence that gives confidence we can trust God’s Word as truth: Cus Jesus said so! If we can trust anyone regarding the reliability of God’s Word, how about taking it from the One who proved Himself to be the Son of God, who fulfilled hundreds of OT prophecies, lived a perfect life, performed many miracles, and ultimately resurrected from the dead. This may seem a bit like circular reasoning, considering we’re looking to the Bible to confirm it’s own reliability. But, if we remember that the Bible is 66 different books written over 1,500 years time - to look at Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John quoting Jesus saying what Moses wrote is truth - we’re looking at completely different sources. Also, along with the other evidences we’ve looked at, things like the disciples’ deaths and writings of Josephus, we can have that confidence of Jesus as not only a real person, but Son of God. 

So what did Jesus say about God’s Word? 

  • God’s Word is without error. Jesus prays to His Father in John 17:17 saying, “Your Word is truth.” We can be confident that as we read God’s Word, there are no errors. What we read is truth with no mistake.
  • God’s Word is historically reliable. Jesus affirms historical events recalled in God’s Word as reliable. He even confirms some of the most controversial events. Matthew 12:40, Jesus makes reference to Jonah being in the belly of a big fish. Matthew 24:37-39, Jesus affirms the flood that in Noah’s day was an actual event. 
  • God’s Word is Divinely authoritative. When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He quoted Scripture. Many times when Jesus taught the disciples, He referenced God’s Word. When he corrected or rebuked, Jesus would turn to Scripture. He did this because He was showing that God’s Word has authority of all. God’s Word has the final say.
  • God’s Word is infallible, dependable, and unbreakable. Jesus said “Scripture cannot be broken” in John 10:35. The truth in God’s Word will stand the test of time. There are tons of promises that you will always be able to trust in. God’s Word will never collapse and leave you hanging. 

That’s what we got for our apologetics approach to the question can you trust the Bible? After looking at the evidences we have discussed over the last month, answer that question for yourself: do you actually trust the Bible as truth? This is a question you need to answer for yourself - that you truly trust it because everything lines up, not because your mom, dad, best friend, or youth pastor trusts it. What do you believe? 

There’s a lot at stake in answering the question: our eternity depends on whether or not we believe the words in the Bible. The Bible is a book all about a loving God who created us to be in a loving relationship with Him. The loving thing to do for God was to give us the free will to make decision if we truly love Him back, and we fail! We mess up all the time, it’s in our DNA! And because God is perfectly holy, He cannot be in relationship with sin. But the Bible is all about God making this relationship with us possible. the Bible says that God sent His Son Jesus here to die as our perfect sacrifice. Jesus died the death that we all deserve, and the power that rose Him from the dead three days later, is the power we can trust in to forgive us of our sin. We don’t deserve this free gift of grace, of forgiveness — God just loves you that much to offer it to you. If you accept Jesus as your Savior, the Bible says your relationship with the Creator is restored, but if not, the separation that sin causes will carry with you into eternity. This is what God’s Word says — do you believe it? Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior?


**Much of the amazing content from this entire series must be credited to: 

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