Defend the Kingdom: Believing the Resurrection


We are embarking on another Defend the Kingdom apologetics series. This time we are covering the most central event that has happened that the Christian faith is centered on: the resurrection. Can we logically, reasonably believe that a man 2,000 years ago died and came back to life? Let’s dive in to this series, look at the evidence, and see for ourselves what we actually believe on this phenomenal event. 

Before the evidence, it would do some good to introduce why the resurrection is so important. There are four different accounts of the life of Jesus found in the Bible — documented by some of the people that followed Jesus closest (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). All four of these accounts of Jesus record that towards the end of His life, Jesus was arrested, put on trial, killed by crucifixion, buried in a tomb, and that a few days after, the tomb was emptied because Jesus had resurrected from the dead (Matt 26:36-28:10, Mark 14:32-16:11, Luke 22:39-24:2, John 18:1-20:10). 

This is an important event because of what is highlighted in John 3:16 — because God loves us so much, He sent His Son to be a sacrifice for us, so that if we trust in Him, we will not die but have eternal life. In our sin, we have separation from God, and in death we find eternal separation. Jesus is the solution to our sin problem, His death is payment for our sin, and His resurrection is the power we can trust in for forgiveness. Romans 10:9 says that if you say with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord of your life, and believe God raised Him from the dead, then you are saved. 

The resurrection is the difference between eternal life or eternal death, now can we believe it actually happened? Let’s start with some introductory evidences/thoughts, that will give us a good foundation to work off of in the coming weeks…

First: No resurrection means no Christianity. According to Paul, if Jesus did not rise from death, then Christian preaching would be worthless because Jesus was not who He said He was, all the apostles were liars testifying to a resurrection that didn’t happen, forgiveness would not be granted for anyone’s sins, and there is no hope for those who trust in Jesus. The resurrection is mentioned over 100 times in the New Testament and is central to the Christian faith. Christianity is a world view that has had millions and millions of believers from the first century to this day — and all would be for nothing if the resurrection had never happened. We will be elaborating on this point throughout the series, in different (more specific) evidences we uncover, for now, just a big blanket thought to get minds turning…

Second: Bible is trustworthy. This is also foundational for our belief in the resurrection, not that it speaks directly to the resurrection, but it’s in the Bible that we read all about Jesus rising to life, His post-resurrection appearances, experiences of the apostles, and rapid growth of the church. So, can we trust the very source of all this information? This was actually the previous Defend the Kingdom that we did, so I will post the link to those blogs HERE. But the evidence is completely overwhelming that this is a historically accurate, reliable, trustworthy document. From the many fulfilled prophecies, archeological evidences, stunning internal consistency and unity of a book that has over 40 different authors over the span of 1,500 years, evidences found outside the Bible that corroborate it’s events and people, etc.! The Bible is proven reliable and trustworthy, which gives confidence that we can trust in the stories found within — including the account of the resurrection.