DFK: Believing the Resurrection III


As we continue our Defend the Kingdom series on the resurrection, we have already discussed 4 evidences of why you can believe the Resurrection really happened. If you didn’t get a chance to see what we talked about the first two weeks, check out the previous blog posts to catch up. 

Fifth evidence of the truth of the resurrection: The Disciples transformation. Jesus’ followers experienced a radical transformation in the short span of time that followed Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

When Jesus was captured and crucified, his disciples were stricken with fear. After watching their beloved leader give himself over to his enemies, the disciples were fearful that they too may be in danger because they were his followers. In the moment of Jesus’ arrest, His closest friends ran in fear. They fled and left Him alone to be brought to the Sanhedrin for questioning. While Jesus was on trial, being falsely accused, Peter attempted to stand at a fire pit nearby. Three times Peter was accused of being a follower of Jesus and three times Peter claimed He never knew Him. After Jesus was crucified and buried His disciples locked themselves indoors because they were still afraid of the Jews who had killed Jesus. These men were terrified and they were afraid to even mention Jesus’ name for fear of what may happen. All of this however changed in a moment.

According to the scriptures, the risen Jesus appeared to these men. Jesus explained to them the deep truth of the Gospel and they understood why He needed to die. They saw Jesus’ power to defeat death and they along with many others witnessed the risen Christ. After meeting the risen Jesus, these fearful disciples were forever changed.

In the book of Acts you can read all about what the disciples did after their knowledge of the Resurrection. These men who once feared for their lives were more than willing to go to their death in order that the Gospel could be preached. These men were filled with courage and boldness and everywhere they went they were persecuted for preaching about the resurrection but they wouldn’t stop preaching. 

The question you have to ask yourself is what could have given these men the courage to do this? There is no explanation other than the fact that they must have seen the risen Jesus. While he was dead and buried, they feared for their lives. When He showed Himself to them alive and resurrected, they were willing to face anything for the sake of preaching the truth.