Evolution vs. God

The debate between theory of evolution (specifically macroevolution) and intelligent design is a hot button topic. For Christians, we hold true that God created the Heavens and the Earth (Gen. 1:1), and that He created humans (Gen. 2:7). Evolutionists do not believe that this Earth and all creation found within are designed; rather, that in the beginning some sort of phenomenon sparked life from out of nothing (largely debated between evolutionists), and that we all come from a common descent (an amoeba that evolved into different life forms). 

As Christians, we need to be prepared to lovingly defend God's truth (1 Peter 3:15), not just reserved to say we believe out of blind faith, but use the minds God has given us to intelligently uphold His Word. So how do we interact with this on-going, hot button debate of evolution vs. intelligent design?

Check out this video called Evolution vs. God, as an example of what the conversation between evolutionists and creationists can look like. Ray Comfort went to college campuses to discuss what students and their professors believe and why they hold those beliefs.

For further information (written for parents, but very insightful if you're a student as well), check out this article that reveal major flaws with the theory of evolution, written by Dr. Ray Bohlin. He is a Christian who has not shied away from science in academia - he has a Bachelor's degree in zoology from the University of Illinois, a masters in population genetics from North Texas State University, and a doctorate in molecular biology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Click the link below!

How to Talk to Your Kids About Evolution and Creation