Forest Home 2018


We went on an “Expedition” (that was the theme, wink wink), to Forest Home and saw the greatness of God. With twenty-five amazing students and five awesome leaders, we worshipped God together, dove into His Word, had meaningful conversations late into the midnight hours — all to pursue closeness to JESUS. God’s Spirit was on the move in our hearts, as we asked the tough questions, opened our hearts in all honesty, and in the overwhelming love of Christ we made life-long commitments to trust in Him and show the world His love. David, as we discussed over the weekend, had quite the expedition in his own life - from being a courageous shepherd boy defeating a towering giant, to his brightest kingly moments and his darkest struggles. We not only draw inspiration from his life and dedication to God, but also see a bit of ourselves in his story. 

What expedition are you on with JESUS? Is being a “Christian” just a label you put on yourself with honestly zero impact on your day-to-day? Or do you completely reject Him? Is JESUS someone who you just don’t quite understand who He is and what exactly it is that He did? Or is JESUS someone who you put your eternal trust in, to forgive you of your wrongs and bring you into a beautiful, loving relationship with your Maker?  Whatever part of the journey you’re on in your own life, I encourage you to seek out who JESUS is. At some point in your life, you have to answer to who you believe He is — what will your answer be? This is a question worth exploring because there is a loving God who wants a relationship with you for all of eternity, and JESUS - His life, death, and resurrection - is the only answer.