Hume Lake 2018 Recap


Hume Lake 2018: what a week! With some students that have been before, and many others that joined us for the first time, the week did not disappoint. There were many experiences full of fun, with recreation games, blog, rope swing, paintball, high ropes, milkshakes and more! But also, and more importantly, God worked in mighty ways. We worshipped, dove into God's Word, and His Spirit truly softened hearts and transformed lives. As we discussed the narrative of God's Word last week, we reflected a lot on how we were created to be in a loving relationship with God, but how sin destroys that relationship. We talked about how we are all sinners, the consequence of that reality, and the fact that there's nothing we can do about that. But God's love for us runs deeper than the power of sin, and He provided us the perfect sacrifice that we needed to take care of our sins: JESUS! The Good News of Jesus is the reconciling power to save us, and is a message that was clearly heard, understood, and accepted last week. Praise God for the transformation that took place in the hearts of our students. Now that we are back, it's time to live out our faith, and continue letting God and His Word shape every aspect of our lives. 

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