I Am Second

Every once and a while, we’ll take a break from the usual and watch a couple I Am Second videos for a different perspective type of encouragement. I am Second testimonies are life changing stories of how God has radically worked in people’s lives. Sometimes the people interviewed are celebrity athletes or stars, and other times they’re not. It is heartening to see God work in different ways to reach a variety of different people, and motivating to hear how these people have come to make God first in their lives, as we pursue making God first in ours. 

Take some time to watch these videos to see how God relieved the burden of expectation from Shawn Johnson, and how He revealed to Jason Petty (AKA Propaganda) that he was made just how God wanted him to be. When you’re finished with the videos, reflect on the questions below - really take in how God worked in their lives and maybe God is trying to work in your life in a similar way… 

  1. How did God work in Shawn’s life?
  2. Are there times in your life when you feel like expectations are too high? Do you ever feel like you fall short of the standards that are put on you? How does that make you feel?
  3. How can you apply what God taught Shawn into your own life?
  1. How did God work in Jason’s life?
  2. Are there times when you feel like you are alone in life? 
  3. How can you be encouraged in your journey of life by what God taught Jason?