I Am Second 04.23.17

Every once and a while on Sunday mornings, we will take a break from a usual Sunday message and watch a couple I Am Second videos. If you don't know what these videos are, they are amazing testimonies of people (a lot of times celebrities, athletes) and how God has worked in their lives. It's so great to see how God is moving in the hearts of other people, and to hear their stories can be totally encouraging. Yesterday, we watched two videos: Lynsi Snyder (President of In-n-Out) and Shane Kampe (unlikely survivor of a terrible motorcycle accident). If you haven't seen them, I have them posted below - check them out and see how God worked in their lives!

Everyone has an innate desire to love and be loved, and people in our lives and the things of this world will always fall short. Lynsi spent a lot of her life looking to fill a void. How are you encouraged by her story? Do you have a void that needs to be filled?  

Shane had a near-death experience, and the doctors gave him next to no chance of survival. Sometimes for people, it takes a near-death experience to have a spiritual wake up call. When you realize your mortality, that's when people really consider what's on the next side of life... If you don't know or trust in Jesus, what will it take for you to consider Him as truth and love in your heart? Will it take a near-death experience for you to really seek the answers to God and Heaven/Hell? If you don't know Jesus, I encourage you to look for answers and see what you truly believe. Who is Jesus to you? Make your decision on Him before it's too late. The Bible says that because of sin, you are separated from God - but because God loves you so much, His perfect Son Jesus died for your sin. By the power of God, He rose from the dead and that's why we just celebrated Easter... God's Word says if you trust and accept the death/resurrection of Jesus as the forgiveness for your sins, and you make Him the Lord of your life, that you will be saved and have a genuine relationship with the Creator of the universe... Do you believe that?