I Am Second - Eric Metaxas

As we will do from time to time, yesterday morning we watched an I Am Second video. If you haven’t heard of or seen an I Am Second video, they are fantastic testimonials of people and how God has changed and transformed their lives in radical ways. We saw the story of Eric Metaxas, who is quite an intelligent man - you can tell by the way he speaks and the fact he graduated from Yale. I believe there is so much power when you have ivy-league academically-minded grads, who attend a place full of anti-God explanations for life, come to a point of surrender to the God of our universe. That is what this story is… God spoke to Eric in a very personal, amazing way - and there is a lot of encouragement we can glean from his story. Watch this video to see how God worked in Eric’s life, and reflect on how God has worked in your own life! For further reflection, go through the questions I have underneath this posted video:

1. Eric is an intelligent person, and someone who was very uncertain about the existence of God. How did the people in Eric’s life, especially his Christian friend at work, impact his feelings on who God is?

2. Are there people in your life that have influenced you towards Jesus? Who has influenced you and how have they impacted you?

3. Are there people in your life that you could encourage towards God? Who do you have in mind and what do you plan to do? 

4. How did God speak directly to Eric? 

5. In what ways are you encouraged by Eric’s faith and his story on how he became a Christian?