No Excuses

In the second chapter of Luke, we find the classic Christmas story - where the Son of God, the Messiah Himself, Jesus Christ was born to Mary and Joseph. We looked at some characters not normally looked at in this story - the shepherds in Luke 2:8-20. Angels appeared to shepherds who were tending their flocks, and proclaimed to them that the Savior of the world has been born. The shepherds were stoked and all wanted to go see Him. When the angels disappeared, however, the shepherds had the choice: they could have A) made excuses as to why they would be unable to actually make the trip to see Jesus or B) gone to see the newly born Messiah. They would have had plenty of perfectly good excuses to not make the journey: they may have not felt "important enough" to go (because their profession was not high on the social ladder), they could have felt "too dirty" (their job was living with livestock), they may have had the excuse of "not being religious enough" (because their job could have kept them away from regular religious activity), and they may even have felt "too busy" (because they were ON the job). They didn't make any of these excuses, and they went to Bethlehem to praise Jesus and they came back glorifying the Lord and telling everyone about the Savior who was born. 

Do you ever make excuses for not meeting with Jesus? Do you ever feel like you're not important enough? Well read the promise found in Ephesians 2:10 saying we are "God's masterpiece." Do you ever feel like you are too dirty because of sins you have committed? Then rest in the promise of 1 John 1:9 saying that if we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive. Do you think that because you aren't "religious enough" (don't pray, read your Bible, or go to church "enough") that God doesn't want you to come to Him? Romans 3:28 says that we aren't saved by these works, but we are saved by faith and faith alone. Do you find yourself "too busy" to spend time with Jesus? Don't busy yourself like Martha in Luke 10:38-42, but spend time with Jesus like her sister Mary. There are many excuses that we could make that keep us from spending quality time with the Savior of the world, but none of them are worth missing out on a close relationship with our Heavenly Father. What excuses have you been making? It's time to meet up with the Savior of your life, and spend some time with Him on a daily basis to get to know Him better and rest in His promises. No more excuses!