N&F Sunday Recap

Instead of just posting calendars and special event fliers here, we are going to add another aspect to the blog called Sunday Recap. If you missed Sunday morning, can't remember what verses we discussed, or just need a good old fashioned refresher - check out the blog for a Sunday Recap. Let's get started here with what happened last Sunday, December 6.

We had an awesome I Am Second Sunday, which is when we watch powerful video testimonies of how God radically changes the lives of His people. The first video we watched was a guy named Doug Bender. He struggled to find a really good friend, and God provided in ways that Doug did not expect. Check out the video to see how God changed Doug's life.

The next video that we watched was of Matt Elrod, a former Survivor reality tv contestant. Matt had a tough time giving God full control of his life, and in this video, Matt describes how it took being on a deserted island to give God control. Check it out! 

How has God changed your life? Can you relate to any of these stories? How do their stories encourage you to lean on God, trust in Him, and give Him total control of your life?