Sunday Mornings: 8:30AM - 9:30AM

We meet for games, worship, and a teaching element that will challenge students to grow closer to JESUS.

Tuesday Evenings: 7PM - 9PM

Each Tuesday looks a little different from the next, so here’s the N&F Tuesday layout: 

Small Group Nights: There’s a bit of hang time, fun, worship, and some quality spiritual discussions to apply to our everyday lives.

Big Group Nights. Once a month, we will get together to hang out, connect, and have some fun like on a small group night - but instead of breaking into small groups, it'll be big group spiritual growth. Some months, it may be all guys meet together and all the girls meet together, some months we may all be together to have a guest speaker or watch a spiritually growing movie or something...

Outreach Events. We want our core students to bring their friends to show them that church is a loving place where you can have a blast!


Student Leadership Team is set aside for our core, dedicated students who want to take their faith and N&F to the next level. We train to be better leaders for JESUS, dream big for N&F, and plan out the upcoming month’s events! This is open to all students (6th-8th grade) that are interested!

Service Projects

Our relationships with JESUS are not just about us, but it is about serving others and doing our best to show the world HIS love - so every month we set aside time to do something for our community. Our service projects bounce around a little bit, so stay posted on John’s weekly e-mail list for what this month’s service project is! Not on the list? Head HERE to make that happen!

Summer Time

Our Summers look a little different than what is explained above. Basically for Summer time, every Tuesday is a fun event day, Thursday mornings are small group days, and Sundays remain the same. We want the students to have as much fun as possible, we want to be able to connect with them and make memories with them, and encourage them to grow closer to JESUS!